Episode 14: Duncan Gough

DuncanWhat if you could play a game of Friends? Or The Wire? What would that be like? We saw Duncan at Playful 09 and were instantly hooked by his idea that dramatic storytelling and video games could merge in a new interactive concept called "Fictive Worlds". Duncan also shares his experience of developing the first PMOG (Passively Multiplayer Online Game), The Nethernet, and learning to program in COBOL (without a computer!) You should most certainly add him on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Leila reports from Grid ref TQ2191, an overgrown section of motorway near the end of the M1; Dave mops up some unlikely Valentine's Day bargains (and answers a listener's question - send them in via #askdavegreen on Twitter); we update you on our fridge sounds appeal (the audio equivalent of Roo's Flickr group) - and lots more.

Oh! And you can now donate to us by Paypal, and we've even done an FAQ page. I know! Mental.

We loved putting this episode together, and think it sounds pretty sweet. For a lot of it you can hardly even tell we're drunk.Picture 1

More links: Duncan's website | and his Twitter | Play The Nethernet now | Justin Hall and Merci Victoria Grace | Abandoned motorway on Google Maps | BBC BASIC User Guide | Toblerone Tobelle | Dave's snacks site | 'In the fridge' Flickr group | Passage and Creator's Statement | Big Trak is back! | Buy Shift Run Stop on audio cassette

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  1. 1 Kerrin said at 10:55 pm on February 18th, 2010:

    A Snickers with 50% more nuts embedded on the outside would be like the ’70s “Nutty” bar. Have any of you ever had one? They were discontinued in the mid ’80s. Basically some toffee fudge stuff covered in peanuts, it came wrapped in brown, translucent, bitter-tasting cellophane with NUTTY written on it in big, curvy white caps. I’ve been trying to find an image for you but it’s a bit of a tall order. The image included on this site


    shows a different product altogether, however there is a picture of a ’70s MARATHON wrapper. :-)

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