Coming up in episode 28: Kathy Clugston

Kathy is the soft Irish voice of Radio 4 news, but you might have her in your car if you have a Tom Tom, or know her as Posh Radio 4 Lady from the Scott Mills show, if you listen to Radio 1. She plays the ukelele. She's now writing a book based on a game she invented on Twitter. Trust us, she is brilliant.

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One Comment on “Coming up in episode 28: Kathy Clugston”

  1. 1 Faith said at 12:52 pm on May 28th, 2010:

    When I first met Kathy I had to climb over the corpses of the Amsterdam underworld to get to her apartment. Coincidence? Maybe. Now back in the antipodes, I have still never heard anyone read the shipping news quite like Kathy. A siren song that yet haunts our lives ……….

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