Episode 30: MJ Hibbett

MJHA summery episode this week, as a guitar-wielding Mark "MJ" Hibbett swings by to serenade us in the sunshine, and we snack on Southwold's finest seaside fare.

Mark is responsible for the world's first internet hit, the gloriously nostalgic vintage computing paean Hey Hey 16K ("What does that get you today?") plus loads of other brilliant songs AND a new rock musical about dinosaurs and robots called Dinosaur Planet.

Everything about that paragraph was good.

Poor Roo has been ill (watching the entire Alien/Predator franchise - more of which in the next episode), but Dave and Leila have been to a radio rally in Luton, where some old computer books and a few Spectrum tapes were picked up with you in mind, gentle SRS listener. Just write in and let us know which one you want along with your address, perhaps in the form of a short Spectrum BASIC program.

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