Episode 34: Danny O’Brien

dannyanddaveIt was only a matter of time before we had this Original Internet Celeb on the show. Danny O'Brien is of course Dave's former partner in crime from the world-famous geek newsletter NTK. He's been involved with the EFF, the ORG and loads of other stuff in recent years but has never forgotten his early internet roots. Now a long-term resident of California, we catch up with the digital Robin Hood on a brief visit to the UK.leilaandroo

Incidentally, when we emailed Danny to invite him on the show we told him we expect it to be like when Scotty showed up unexpectedly on Star Trek TNG. The experienced engineer has some ideas about how things should be run which caused a bit of friction down in Engineering, but Geordie eventually had to admit that the old man knew what he was doing and could even teach him a thing or two. Danny replied saying he thought it'd be more like when Jamie returned to Doctor Who wearing a kilt, and no one could remember who he was.

"They stole our revolution, now we're stealing it back." And now they're letting us rent it off them for 41 minutes. Vive la revolution!

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3 Comments on “Episode 34: Danny O’Brien”

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  3. 3 ArbitraryLasers said at 4:33 pm on September 14th, 2010:

    Danny who?

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