Coming up in episode 40: Reiner Knizia

We are astonished to discover that we seem to be meeting Reiner Knizia in this week's episode. Probably the most prolific game designer in the world, he's the creator of the Lord of the Rings board game, the strategy game Ingenious, games for the iPad, iPhone and Nintendo DS, games with cards, dice, buttons and boards... just loads and loads of them.

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One Comment on “Coming up in episode 40: Reiner Knizia”

  1. 1 Chris M. Dickson said at 2:28 pm on August 31st, 2010:

    Brilliant! A very well-chosen subject, too. I look forward to listening to the episode, which I shall do imminently.

    The older Reiner gets, the younger he looks. That’s a heck of a trick to pull off.

    I used to think that he was going to grow into looking like Roy Walker. He’s now looking like he might turn into a Roy Walker – Michael Schumacher hybrid. No bad thing.

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