Episode 40: Reiner Knizia

ReinerKsmallThis week's guest is a prolific game designer. So prolific, in fact, that if you like games you probably already have something he's created in your house. So it was an honour to talk to Reiner Knizia about German board games, the iPhone market, whether German telly really is rubbish, and lots more.

And your hosts play a game of their own this week, too. To celebrate the podcast's 40th birthday, Leila quizzes Roo on his knowledge of Shift Run Stop. But how well will you do? Pause the cassette, and try the quiz yourself. The game is afoot!leilarooaug

Links: Reiner Knizia (Wikipedia) | Reiner's company Knizia Games | Ingenious (Amazon) | Buy this episode on audio cassette and party like it's 1988 | ...or simply donate an organ.

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2 Comments on “Episode 40: Reiner Knizia”

  1. 1 Reiner Knizia Talks About (What Else?) Games – Hot Games 2 Play said at 9:29 am on August 21st, 2010:

    [...] Knizia Talks About (What Else?) Games Episode 40 of the podcast Shift Run Stop, which focuses on “games, comedy and culture” according [...]

  2. 2 danielnashnz said at 12:04 am on April 30th, 2014:

    Please get more guests like this! The oldskool podcasts were great, the recent ones have been missing themes and guests!

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