Episode 47: Margaret Robertson and Dominik Diamond

margaret robertsonSpecial episode this week - two guests, several locations and lots of meaty snacks. We went to the annual London games conference Playful and Skype-interviewed very funny former Games Master host-turned farmer Dominik Diamond on stage - hear the best bits in this episode. Games consultant and former editor of Edge magazine, Margaret Robertson was at Playful too, talking about Minecraft. But we'd already booked her to come on our show, because we already knew she was ace, because we're way ahead of you.

potnoodleMargaret on Twitter | Dominik on Twitter | Margaret's website | Dominik's website | Find out how we got Dominik Diamond to agree to this on Leila's write-up | Former SRS guest Myk Reeve's photo of us on stage | Chris O’Shea even videoed some of it | Dave's site Snackspot | Buy a tape of this episode

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