Episode 63: Dave Gorman

Lee and DGShare our pleasure chatting about magic, coincidences and games with the fascinating Dave Gorman, then feel our pain as a tarry soft drink promotes the question: "What IS 'malt' anyway?"

Yes, it's like a trip back in time to the early days of the show, as once again we find ourselves hijacking someone else's office without asking, scouring the local shop for Drinks Most Likely to Withstand Nuclear Strike, and talking to someone in a room with terrible acoustics, in this all-new yet reassuringly familiar edition of Shift Run Stop.

snacks1Special thanks must go to Lee Maguire for stepping in to do the sound at the absolute last minute and co ordinating his outfit so nicely with Dave's, and to Wes West for our wonderful new jingle. If you work out what malt is, do let us know.

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Posted: July 5th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

2 Comments on “Episode 63: Dave Gorman”

  1. 1 james (@syzygy) said at 8:54 am on July 6th, 2012:

    Seriously? McDonalds don’t do proper milkshakes with woodpulp* in any more?

    *that was what was used as thickener. It had ‘cellulose’ in the name, anyway :D

  2. 2 Karamoon said at 4:25 am on July 8th, 2012:

    By now SRS should be starting to lose its sheen. Not sure why it’s still so perfect; one of the best podcasts in existence.

    I strongly advise that you put out as many episodes as humanly possible while you still have the magic. One model that might work for you (via Skype) is to do a podcast at mealtimes. Presumably you both have breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, supper and high tea. You world therefore be able to put out 7 episodes a day.

    - Karamoon

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