Episode 80: splendid isolation

Skype-20200410-222042Isolation continues, but we continue to defy the microbe by finding fresh ways to connect with you across the airwaves. This time we take to live-streaming service Twitch for a special interactive episode of Shift Run Stop. Obviously it's not live now, but don't worry if you missed it: next time you're washing your hands just shout any questions or thoughts for us down the plughole. Alternatively, bang them out in morse code on the radiator pipes. We won't hear you, but it'll feel more interactive, and apparently that's the main thing these days.

If you don't know Twitch, we're basically on a video call in this episode, responding to things people are typing into the chat box. And if you missed the live session but are intrigued by the format and would like more like this, let us know and we'll see what we can do. Mind-blowing livestream format aside, the content is really just the classic ingredients of an SRS episode cake: lego, 8-bit games, sci-fi, quizzes, snacks and silliness. Enjoy!

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