Episode 81: Christmas Special 2020

You climbed into your hosts' laps and, in a small voice, politely asked for an episode that will make this dreary Christmas temporarily more fun. Well, ask and you shall receive! Ho ho ho! No need for social distancing in the SRS grotto. The gifts have been sanitised, the Amazons have been Primed, even the weird lap thing is well-established. But open this quickly anyway; the police are on their way.

Join Roo, Leila and Lee alongside many familiar voices and a couple of unfamiliar ones in this very special, remotely-recorded, as-festive-as-can-be-expected edition of your favourite podcast.

What do Christmas tree growers do during the summer? What's the best festive treat for radiation poisoning? What's this month's most unexpected format for an Escape Room? Discover all this and more in this extra-long stocking of an episode. Look out for satsumas and unexpected nuts!

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