Episode 66: Dogs and beards

What does a beard sound like? How do you pronounce 'Gif'? Which is the worst episode of the X Files? What's the political significance of Tab Clear? Which major US interactive festival do none of your hosts want to go to, ever? Find out in this brand new, hairier than average episode of Shift Run Stop. Warning: contains traces of puppy.

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Episode 65: Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! Were you good boys and girls this year? Hush your lips! Obviously you were, hence this wonderful present.

This year Lee Maguire joins us, and, like Magi of geek, the three of us bear anecdotes of obscure science fiction references and unexpected short-lived celebrity. The snacks don't disappoint, either. If you want to munch along at home for the 'full body experience', you will need: Haribo Jelicons, Walkers Sensations Szechuan Pepper peanuts, The Fantastic Fox's 'Magnificos' chilli & lime flavour, and Heston's spiced shortcrust mince pies from Waitrose. (If you get nothing else, get the mince pies. Trust us.)

Look out for listeners' jingles, some great geek stuff for you to WIN, a quiz that only works if you're over 30, and unique, specially-recorded sound samples from one of the world's oldest working computers, the WITCH, in action at The National Museum of Computing. You're welcome. Merry Christmas!

Linky Christmas: The National Museum of Computing | The WITCH | IBM tills map | Shift Run Stop Forum | Sarah Angliss (samples jingle) | Tom Stuart (BBC Micro "We Wish You A...") | PaulyG (jingle) | How to Fill a Black Hole by Benjamin Hendy (enter discount code 'shiftrunstop' at checkout for £1 off)

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Episode 64: Leila and Roo

Screen shot 2012-10-22 at 22.40.24Trick or treat? It's that time of year again, a time for celebrating all things spooky and autumnal, and sitting in silence in the living room with the lights off until they stop ringing the doorbell.

You're never alone with us though. As the soundtrack for your hallowe'en, we've made you a very different kind of episode – an episode in which your hosts chat to each other.

Learn about our compulsions and collections, hear our poetry, delight in our edible ancient astronauts, and play along at home with Roo's commuter hack tips. It's overdue and over there, packaged up ready for your ears, as spooky as a box of Jaffa Cakes.

(When you've listened to it all, why not send some food or other interesting things to the address we give out in the show? We'll talk about it, and perhaps you on the next episode.)

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Episode 63: Dave Gorman

Lee and DGShare our pleasure chatting about magic, coincidences and games with the fascinating Dave Gorman, then feel our pain as a tarry soft drink promotes the question: "What IS 'malt' anyway?"

Yes, it's like a trip back in time to the early days of the show, as once again we find ourselves hijacking someone else's office without asking, scouring the local shop for Drinks Most Likely to Withstand Nuclear Strike, and talking to someone in a room with terrible acoustics, in this all-new yet reassuringly familiar edition of Shift Run Stop.

snacks1Special thanks must go to Lee Maguire for stepping in to do the sound at the absolute last minute and co ordinating his outfit so nicely with Dave's, and to Wes West for our wonderful new jingle. If you work out what malt is, do let us know.

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Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi

We were slumbering, as usual, in our misty Shift Run Stop cryo-pods, when through the liquid nitrogen we heard it: the unmistakable call of a Raspberry Pi in the wild. So here we are again, temporarily reanimated for a very special and rare chat with credit-card sized computer creator, Eben Upton. As Eben reflects on a trajectory that began with writing mouse drivers for BBC Micros and ended with being technical director at Broadcom, we try very hard not to drop his baby on the floor.

And in a slightly windier location, human snack dispenser Lee Maguire delivers a fresh range of geek-friendly treats – among them Quinn Norton from Wired magazine. Your hosts try to invent a fool-proof method for measuring the size of supermarkets, pool satellite dish trivia, open some gifts from a listener and more. There are several opportunities for you to join in, too. So enjoy it, but please remember to make sure the Shift Run Stop fridge is properly closed when you've finished.

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Episode 61: Ed Jefferson

After a bit of a break, Shift Run Stop is back in your ears – on an occasional basis, at least.

This month, we meet Ed Jefferson, aka Ben from @shippamspaste, Danny O'Brien (from episode 34) tells us about the life of an Englishman in New York and Lee Maguire is back with Snack Time. We also work through a backlog of snacks sent in by listeners when we were last regularly on air, in 2010. So sit back, pour yourself a large glass of Pepto-bismol, and join us on as we tackle extremely out-of-date food from all three corners of the world: Japan (thanks Karamoon), Nigeria (thanks Matt) and Syria (thanks Derek).

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