Picture 8We get asked a lot of questions here at Shift Run Stop. Or rather: a few questions, over and over again. So...welcome to the obligatory excuse to avoid looking individuals in the eye that is our FAQ. Please don't send in questions about it or we'll have to add them to this page, at the obvious risk of creating a paradox and destroying the universe.

1. Where did you get that AMAZING music?

The song is called In Computers and comes to your ears courtesy of the now-disbanded 'Bambino Special'. We link to the blog of their singer from our front page, and you can download it here.

2. Where did you get that TERRIBLE music?

Hm. Yes. It does tend to polarise.

3. Do you know [GAME X]? It's a great game! I love [GAME X] the best of all the games! Have you played it?

Well, probably not. But if you email us on podcast@shiftrunstop.co.uk we'll try to remember to have a look.

4. How can I contact Dave Green to ask him my urgent question about chocolate?

We have a Twitter hasPicture 5htag for this very purpose. Much as we enjoy our new roles as PAs to the uncontactable Twitter-spurner, we encourage you to get on the #askdavegreen bus as soon as possible, to ensure a speedy response!

5. Why can't I download your [EPISODE X] properly? Will you be fixing it in the next five minutes?

Yes, I expect we've already been told about it, and it's probably not our fault.

6. I'd like to give you money but I honestly can't be bothered to order a tape off you. (What the hell is with that anyway? 1984 called, etc.) Don't you want my money?

I'm glad you asked. We have a new special button for people concerned about keeping us in disgusting crisps, and our Mystery Hum MP3 mics in batteries.

7. Can I be on your podcast?

It doesn't really work like that. We have a complicated algorithm for shortlisting guests, to do with people we'd like to meet, people we're uncontrollably interested in, and people who don't fake their own death on Facebook when the Shift Run Stop invitation arrives in their inbox. Our advice before attempting to invite yourself on would be: would you want to listen to you talk for half an hour? It is not as difficult to get good, interesting guests as you might think, we're probably not stuck for ideas.

8. Are you Shift-Run-Stop? ShiftRunStop? Shift Run Stop? What? WHAT ARE YOU.Picture 1

Alright, calm down. I don't know how the hyphen rumour started, but we don't use them ourselves. We've been called many things, from SRS to "Run Stop Record", but it's quite simple. No punctuation, no monkey business. Just plain old SH1Ft%ruN [St0p.]

9. Is it just interviews now? I miss the old days of fridge recordings and on-location stuff. I want to hear more Roo and Leila.

Well, we want to give you what you want. Episodes do seem to be settling down into a healthy mix of interviews, location reports, snack reviews, banter and... noises (we won't rest till we know what all of your fridges sound like from the inside.) We've found the interviews to be a nice structure to hang the rest off. However, the defendants reserve the right to change their mind about what a Shift Run Stop is, at any point.

IMG_726110. Would you like my crap hardware/unusual snackfood product/book about film locations?

Yes please! DM us on Twitter or email us and we'll tell you where to send things.

11. I have a technical enquiry about the making of the podcast.

Why not head over to Roo's website, and see if he hasn't already answered it here!