Episode 10: Nick Pope “The Real Fox Mulder”

Picture 5This week we chat to Nick Pope, the former head of the MOD's UFO project (recently released into the public domain). Nick is a well-respected broadcaster who speaks on all aspects of the unexplained, so it was very nice of him to put up with our incessant questions about the Government's contingency plans for alien invasion (hey, it's good to check). It was great fun of course, and we really enjoyed meeting him. You can find Nick's website here.

Dave Green looks back on significant snack events from the last decade, while movie buff Paul Kerensa tells us what to expect from the next one, according to his excellent website, The Movie Timeline.

Meanwhile, your hosts Roo and Leila chat about a games-related book launch that Leila and Dave attended last week, Roo's facial recognition issues... and lots more! This episode features sounds from Space Intruder.

Those numbers again:

  • Nick Pope's homepage
  • UFO files on the National Archives
  • The Drake Equation
  • The SETI Institute
  • The Square Kilometre Array
  • Paul Kerensa's website
  • Paul's Twitter
  • Paul's podcast 'Movie Banter'
  • The Movie Timeline
  • Tom Chatfield's book Fun Inc on Amazon.
  • Dave's website Snackspot
  • Play [34:11]

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