Cassette tape episodes, through your letterboxes

We've been busy recording, lovingly personalising and posting out cassette tape episodes of Shift Run Stop to our supportive and adorable listeners. Being a creative lot, many of you have documented the arrival of their precious packages as the first round of tapes started start of this week (more have been recorded and will be posted in the next couple of days. They might even include some stickers).

The first video we spotted was from Ian Stopher, and uses an iMovie template you might recognise:

The second, the following day, was from Damian Jennings:

Rev Dan Catt, just hours later, posted his own video. Note the excellent use of a pencil to cue the tape:

Most recently, Myk Reeve, who didn't make a video but did take some lovely photos:

Have we missed any? Let us know. Very much looking forward to seeing more of these too.

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