Episode 17: Sydney Padua

Picture 2We chatted with artist Sydney Padua this week. Sydney's animated creations appear in loads of blockbuster movies, but she's a star of the small screen too - you might have seen her extremely funny web comic Babbage and Lovelace doing the rounds lately. With Ada Lovelace Day coming up very soon, Sydney tells us about the great lady herself, her struggles and achievements, and her unique relationship with Difference Engine-inventing eccentric Charles Babbage.

ulta perkSydney even drew some stunning designs on inlay cards for our tape sale, and we're offering those at a slight premium over on the tapes page. You'd better get in fast though, she only did a handful!

Meanwhile Dave brings us treats we can eat from India, and treats we can play from 1995, and there are exclusive sounds from inside your hosts' fridges.

Ada Lovelace Day is the 24th of March; support the cause by writing a blog post about a woman who has inspired your interest in science or tech. Let's all write about Sydney and freak her out.

Sydney Padua's hand-drawn inlay cards

More links:
Sydney's website | Babbage and Lovelace web comic | Sydney on Twitter | Ada Lovelace | Charles Babbage | "Finding Ada" website for Ada Lovelace Day | Article about AL day | A video we made of Sydney during the interview | Lights Out (Wikipedia) | ...and Lights Out (photo of what we played with)

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