Episode 19: Paul Kerensa

It's 25 years of Back to the Future! To celebrate, we're joined by the geeky and innovative stand-up comic, Paul Kerensa, whose 2005 Edinburgh show "Back to the Futon" involved a real-life DeLorean and a Gray's Sports Almanacful of in-jokes. Since then Paul's been focused on collecting and comparing every moment in time from every film ever between gigging, script-writing, podcasting, and working on a new, free, Edinburgh show for 2010. He even brings some BTTF props in to show us. Great Scott!

Elsewhere in good ole' 1955, we find Dave in Lou's Cafe or somewhere with 1.21 gigawatts of sugary drinks; your hosts continue to flog this podcast on cassette, and we enter week two of our month-long Audible offer. Download yourself a free audio book by clicking here and help us to save the clock tower.

More links: Paul Kerensa | Paul on Twitter | Movie Timeline | Paul's podcast Movie Banter | Buy an episode on audio tape | Dave's site Snackspot | Back to the Future (IMDB) | What's a DeLorean? | Shift Run Stop guest videos on Vimeo | Get your free audio book

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