Episode 31: Aeroplanes vs Predators

Your hostsScreen shot 2010-06-17 at 18.17.55 catch up after a couple of weeks away from SRS Towers, in this chat-packed reunion episode. Learn how Roo coped with a physical illness at the risk of inducing a mental one by binge-eating a sci-fi box-set with his eye-mouth. Meanwhile, Leila finds a way of combining her new walkie talkies with her fridge to contileilanue our audio spin-off of Roo's In The Fridge project.

And is your Dad a massive nerd? Of course he is! Sporting one of the best accents we've had on the show so far, Wired.co.uk's  Geek Dad contributor Chris Hinton shares some suggestions for Father's Day.

Plus Leila and Dave get wined, dined and strip-searched at Heathrow Terminal 5, and we all head to a park to sample snacks themed on the World Cup. Score!

Screen shot 2010-06-17 at 18.27.13

Links: Geek Dad | Chris's site Geek Speak | Chris on Twitter | Caffeinated soap | Alien vs Predator Total Destruction box-set | In The Fridge (Flickr) | Dave's Snackspot siteHeathrow airport | Buy this episode on audio cassette and create more work for us for your own sick amusement.

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  1. 1 Johnny Laird said at 12:38 am on August 17th, 2010:

    Nice to hear my old buddy, Chris Hinton! Top fellah…with a top accent.

    Off for a shower now, with some caffeinated soap, of course.


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