Episode 32: Dan Hon and the Vintage Computer Festival at Bletchley

Roo and Dan, sitting under the trees, I N T E R V I E W I N GIf you like games you probably already know about games wizard Dan Hon, and even if you don't know him you're bound to have come across his work. Together with his brother Adrian, Dan co-founded Six to Start, the award-winning games company behind teen ARG Smokescreen and involved with loads of other fun stuff too, e.g Misfits, We Tell Stories and of course Wired (they're also in the mag's top 100). Roo gets the scoop on Dan's next move, and finds out what he really thinks about the term ARG in this geektastic chat.

While the boys hold their cleverness summit in Southampton, Leila attends the Vintage Computer Festival at the National Museum of Computing in Bletchley Park and returns armed with an interview, a heart that aches for Acorn, and at least 48K of evocative stings. Around the World in 80 Snacks continues with some mystifying US offerings courtesy of our jetsetting guest, and we cautiously unwrap - as ever - under the expert supervision of Dave.

Links: Six to Start | Dan's blog | Dan on Twitter | The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley | Leila's Vintage Computer Museum Video | Official site for R3play in Blackpool | Dave's site Snackspot | Buy a tape of this episode to support the SRS pension fund.

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