Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi

We were slumbering, as usual, in our misty Shift Run Stop cryo-pods, when through the liquid nitrogen we heard it: the unmistakable call of a Raspberry Pi in the wild. So here we are again, temporarily reanimated for a very special and rare chat with credit-card sized computer creator, Eben Upton. As Eben reflects on a trajectory that began with writing mouse drivers for BBC Micros and ended with being technical director at Broadcom, we try very hard not to drop his baby on the floor.

And in a slightly windier location, human snack dispenser Lee Maguire delivers a fresh range of geek-friendly treats – among them Quinn Norton from Wired magazine. Your hosts try to invent a fool-proof method for measuring the size of supermarkets, pool satellite dish trivia, open some gifts from a listener and more. There are several opportunities for you to join in, too. So enjoy it, but please remember to make sure the Shift Run Stop fridge is properly closed when you've finished.

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3 Comments on “Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi”

  1. 1 Karamoon said at 5:39 am on April 22nd, 2012:

    It seems like you two just can’t stop podcasting. Thank you for the fantastic interview with Eben Upton.

    I’m very much looking forward to episode 63.

  2. 2 Shift Run Stop - Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi | Retro Computers said at 9:50 am on April 24th, 2012:

    [...] the Podcast from here : Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi (I suggest you subscribe [...]

  3. 3 SSgt. Albino said at 9:42 pm on April 24th, 2012:

    Just learned about this webcast via a re-tweet from @Raspberry_Pi . Very much enjoyed/appreciated the interview with Dr. Upton. Legos, Raspberry Pi, and Star Trek all in the same episode. Can’t wait to get my supply of Legos [currently in storage], get a warehouse, and start playin… erm, engineering / “working”. I have 10 in my cart on Element14… overkill? Never. Gotta get my systems going.

    Creech AFB, NV http://bit.ly/8BaXWz Heh, you guys mentioned “agency life”; I do understand. =D

    SSgt Albino
    USAF Cmbt. Comm.

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