Episode 65: Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! Were you good boys and girls this year? Hush your lips! Obviously you were, hence this wonderful present.

This year Lee Maguire joins us, and, like Magi of geek, the three of us bear anecdotes of obscure science fiction references and unexpected short-lived celebrity. The snacks don't disappoint, either. If you want to munch along at home for the 'full body experience', you will need: Haribo Jelicons, Walkers Sensations Szechuan Pepper peanuts, The Fantastic Fox's 'Magnificos' chilli & lime flavour, and Heston's spiced shortcrust mince pies from Waitrose. (If you get nothing else, get the mince pies. Trust us.)

Look out for listeners' jingles, some great geek stuff for you to WIN, a quiz that only works if you're over 30, and unique, specially-recorded sound samples from one of the world's oldest working computers, the WITCH, in action at The National Museum of Computing. You're welcome. Merry Christmas!

Linky Christmas: The National Museum of Computing | The WITCH | IBM tills map | Shift Run Stop Forum | Sarah Angliss (samples jingle) | Tom Stuart (BBC Micro "We Wish You A...") | PaulyG (jingle) | How to Fill a Black Hole by Benjamin Hendy (enter discount code 'shiftrunstop' at checkout for £1 off)

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