If you, like us, like being read to, you'll love these fancy new-fangled things called audiobooks.  It's like reading, but you can do it with your eyes shut.


We've teamed up with the lovely folk at to bring you a free offer.

You get a two week free trial of Audible, and one free credit to download any one of their titles completely free.

You will have to supply your credit card details to join up, but don't worry. They make it nice and obvious when the first payment is due after two weeks, and they won't make any unexpected charges. You can cancel at any time and, even better, your download is still yours to keep.  Want to download a free audiobook and then cancel your trial membership before the two weeks are up? Go for it. They don't mind. And they'll even give us a little bit of money for each person who signs up. Hurrah.

Sign up here: